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17 Really Weird Questions That Have Been Asked At IIM Interviews

Interviews, sometimes, can really get out of hand. Especially when it’s for something as prestigious as an IIM entrance, IIT entrance, or a government job (tsk tsk). While browsing through the deep, dark, and unknown valleys of Quora, we stumbled upon the craziest things that were ever asked at an IIM interview. These were some of the answers submitted by the users. While some used the ‘smart-ass’ card to come back with a fitting reply, others were just dumbstruck with the peculiarity of the question. Like the great Yoda would’ve said, check it, you must!

So if you’re planning to enter IIM…

1. Be ready to know which ‘gotr’ you’re from.


2. Work on your bakc*^d skills. Might come in handy. 2

3. Pretty much the same as Lashkar. 3

4. Choose your hobbies wisely. 4

5. Be prepared to be embarrassed.  5

6. Be careful who you bitch about. You might not be as lucky as this guy. 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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