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Salaries Differences Between India & Other Countries

Salaries Differences Between India & Other Countries

Recently, we ran a story about how India is one of the lowest salary paying countries to entry-level employees in the entire Asia Pacific region, a fact revealed by Towers Watson study.

The average monthly starting salary in India is Rs. 24,000, which is less than one-fifth of the equivalent paid in South Korea and Singapore.

To put things in perspective, we’ve compiled the salaries of different jobs in different companies at entry level and after around 5 years of experience.

These approximate amounts reveal a stark contrast in the salaries in India and abroad, despite keeping standard of living differences in mind.



Salary1 Salary2 salary3 salary4 salary5

10 thoughts on “Salaries Differences Between India & Other Countries”

  1. bada

    What are the sources and methods of calculation of these?
    BTW, Civil Services in China earn only 30000-60000 Per Annum???!!! That’s too meagre. No wonder corruption is so rampant there.


  2. iranna

    I am bot completely aware of the cost of living in the US but i can definitely say it has disproportionately increased in india…some of the items that we purchase are all available for the same price as in the US. Its going to be a misconception soon that cost of living in india is lower…


  3. Ruud

    You can’t compare salaries this way, I work for a US based company 80.000 people and travelled throughout the world visiting subsidaries.
    lIving in India is so much cheaper that an engineer can maintain it’s own staff, cook, housemade, driver, cleaners and live in a luxure home with swimmingpools, where a German engineer has to drive, cook, clean himself and live in an average home in a supburp..
    Compare what you can buy for a salerie in a country, then you understand why an HP or IBM engineer in Londen makes more than the same engineer in Glasgow. (Same country)


  4. kyle

    this is clearly an advertising campaign to promote journalism,law and advertising education schemes by us and swiss education institutes 🙂


  5. bharat

    Pls consider the income through corruption and illegal sorce in India,after that Indians have more income in their own country..



    Really it’s an excellent info as it have given a great info about the india and other country income rate.


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