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The Craziest Student Presentation Ever. Professor Stunned

The Craziest Student Presentation Ever. Professor Stunned

This 22 year old student from SYMBIOSIS, Pune played a super-hit song by Linkin-Park and gained the attention of one and all. Soon all the students and even the professor were watching his presentation with excitement and undivided attention.

He started literally singing out his presentation for one of his courses and turned a boring presentation class into one-hell of a kick. He wrote lyrics to the tune of the immensely-popular Linkin Park song In the End.

What say, would anyone of you try this?

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4 thoughts on “The Craziest Student Presentation Ever. Professor Stunned”

  1. dhanu

    Dis is the best presentation ive ever seen
    really bro fantastic
    out of the world
    ive become ur fan man


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