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This Inteviewr Rejected a Gold Medalist and Hired A Man Who Took 6 Years to Complete His Engineering

A Job Interview could be a person’s life changing moment which can change take their life to any direction. But things to be said first is, a job interview cannot really decide your capability.


But for those who definitely want to crack their next coming interview, we have a solution for you which might guarantee you the job.


More than 1,00,000 engineers graduate in India every year and what percentage of them get the job straight after getting their degree. Well, its really less, and we need not to tell the numbers.


Why these students fail to get a job? Its not because they don’t have knowledge or anything was wrong about their academic activity. Its just the attitude, people tend to say things in an interview which an interviewer wants to listen.


Watch this video and learn something from it.

Did you get the motive behind the video. What are your thoughts, let us know in the comments section below.

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19 thoughts on “This Inteviewr Rejected a Gold Medalist and Hired A Man Who Took 6 Years to Complete His Engineering”

  1. something!

    Worthless piece of shit!! This does’not happens in real life interview . Every company want toppers with good marks and
    good communications skills,.


    1. Sandy

      Oh Really? Has happened to me .I got a job in a fortune 50 company and i was wearing Chappals and Jacket and unshaved. I asked cross questions to the interviewer. And my current job? Haha…I don’t think people like you who do not believe in having the right attitude can get it anyway 🙂


      1. shiridi prasad

        dude, when u just said fottune 50, it shows what job u could have just landed it with those dirty chappals n jacket.
        coz its fortune 500 no not fortune 50 . there is nothing called fortune 50


  2. Hridayesh

    It happens in real life too.. this is the way I usually answer. Also, when I take resources in my team – I check their attitude and interest. Knowledge does matter, but if you have a right attitude and curiosity, you can learn anything – people are there to help you!


  3. Aditya Kamesh

    To everyone in the comments thread- So what if this happens in a movie. U need to have the right attitude. True Yes boss kinda guys may get jobs and become employees but this guy definetely would make a great entrepreneur.


  4. shan

    I don’t think it will happens in real life cause I face some interviews and they all need talent they never ask or understand our need…. So its rubish ….


  5. vishal karanjekar

    Life is 1% talent 99 % luck & 100% attitude.

    Attitude is not right or wrong attitude is +ve or -ve, the guy in video was full of positive attitude, his thoughts was completely stating that he will be an stable employee of the company and most important he belive in himself he is self motivated. This are some point an hr look into a candidate.


  6. Chaithra shankar

    Lol… Is this true…. I’m an engineering student nt yet know anything regarding these things… If it is true… Yea.. OK….bt the above comments say different… Plz as I said if it is true it’s okay… No problem… But don’t put fake things… Don’t misguide…


    1. Ameen

      Good,,, all comments and videos might be confusing but what i think is the confidence,attitude, body language,presentation, all matter in interview topper or average its not a matter,,


    2. Kavitha g

      Attitude can’t decide in one interview or half an hour interview it build himself we can’t say his attitude is bad every attitude person has one talent don’t say they rejected. If u rejected means it doesn’t matter they can place in another company but every one has equal knowledge if they trained


  7. joshi

    no way when i attend interview the person who interviews never and never satisfied stupid goes on asking… Attitude and fate makes a sense in interview


  8. Kaizer

    this is definitely an interview for a job titled as ” Attitude Programmer”, otherwise for a ‘Java Developer’, its simple formula, company pays an employee to get some work from him/her so that company can get more profit from him than his/her salary. If company takes a person on the bases of attitude, either its on a suicidal mission or its Microsoft.


  9. Afzal

    People with that sort of attitude can get the job, but will spoil the working atmosphere with other colleagues and will never stay more than 6 months in a company and will always leave on a negative note and spread bad things about the company.


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