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Experience: 5-8 YEARS
Job Code: 1032202

Mandatory Skills:


Desirable Skills:

SAP MDM – Master Data Management, SAP Workflow

Job Description:

Key skills required for the job are:

  • SAP BRFPlus-L2 (Mandatory)
  • SAP Workflow-L2
  • SAP MDM – Master Data Management-L2

As a Consultant, you should have in-depth knowledge in any one technological or industry practice / functional area and overview of 2-3 other areas. You should handle solution definition/ fitment for a small-sized project with medium complexity. You should be able to build a custom Function Module with medium complexity program logic.

Key skills required for the job are: SAP BRFPlus-L3 (Mandatory) SAP Workflow-L2 As a Lead, you are responsible for managing a small team of analysts, developers, testers or engineers and drive delivery of a small module within a project (Delivery/Maintenence/Testing) You may serve as entry-level specialist with expertise in particular technology/industry domain/a process/application/ product. You are responsible for functional/technical track of a project. Experience in SAP ABAP,  Configuration rule-based Workflow, Configuring Decision tables with single processing and Multiple, Designing and Defining Validationsand Expressions in Decision table in Condition alias, Integrating business process requirements with the technical implementation of SAP Master Data Governance, Understanding of SAP Decision Management Service, ABAP Concepts of Data Elements & Fields Should Know:  The BRFplus workbench: Modeling environment & API Integration The BRFplus rules engine: How to config. and execute the BRFplus rules repository: Understands the concepts of the different storage types, the versioning, etc. Experience in developing objects in SAP ABAP Dynrpo/SWD80.Experience in SAP ABAP and knows ABAP Concepts of Data Elements & Fields. Experience in Configuration rule-based Workflow. Should know how to integrate the Rules and UI with the ABAP Workflow Experience in Integrating workflow with the implementation of SAP Master Data Governance Should know Process Modelling concepts and has hands-experience. Minimum work experience:5 – 8 Years

Minimum work experience:5 – 8 Years

Roles & Responsibilities:

Minimum Experience Required: 5-8YEARS

Mandatory Skills: SAP BRFPlus SAP Workflow, SAP ABAP-Web Dynpro, SAP Adobe Forms, Consulting, SAP ABAP

Desirable Skills: SAP MDM – Master Data Management, SAP Workflow



Company Profile


Wipro Limited is an Indian multinational corporation that provides information technology, consulting and business process services. It is headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

In 2013, Wipro separated its non-IT businesses and formed the privately-owned Wipro Enterprises.
The company was incorporated on 29 December 1945 in Amalner, Maharashtra by Mohamed Premji as “Western India Vegetable Products Limited”, later abbreviated to “Wipro”. It was initially set up as a manufacturer of vegetable and refined oils in Amalner, Maharashtra, British India, under the trade names of Kisan, Sunflower, and Camel.

In 1966, after Mohamed Premji’s death, his son Azim Premji returned from Stanford University and took over Wipro as its chairman at the age of 21.

During the 1970s and 1980s, the company shifted its focus to new opportunities in the IT and computing industry, which was at a nascent stage in India at the time. On 7 June 1977, the name of the company changed from Western India Vegetable Products Limited to Wipro Products Limited. In 1982, the name was changed again, from Wipro Products Limited to Wipro Limited. Wipro continued to expand in the consumer products domain with the launch of “Ralak” a Tulsi based family soap and “Wipro Jasmine”, a toilet soap. In 1988 Premji took a loan of 1 million dollars from Sonkar and Sons to set up the project. Later the loan was waived.

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